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ABCDE fights youth unemployment


The African Business Centre for Developing Education (ABCDE) on the 10th July 2019 held a major student mentorship program for the Achimota Senior High School in Accra. The program under the theme; Career guidance: How to choose and focus on your career path was attended by over 1,500 at the school’s Aggrey Chapel.  Speakers for the mentorship program includes Mr. Kwaku Sakyi-Addo, Non-Executive Chairman of the National Communications Authority, Dr. Aramansah Barnor of Barnor Memorial Hospital, Mr. Elikem Nutifafa Kuenyehia of ENSAfrica, Mr. Frank Dagbui of Heritage Energy Insurance Ltd and was chaired by Dr. Ekwow Spio-Garbrah, Fmr. Minister of Trade and Industry who is also the Executive Chairman of ABCDE.

Speaking on the subject, Mr. Kwaku Sakyi-Addo spoke on choosing a career, using his own life experience as a practical example for students. He encouraged them to have self-belief even when they seem to be failing as well as to identify their unique talents and to focus on them.

Dr. Aramansah Barnor admonished the students to focus on the core essence of being in school so that they could achieve the grades required to pursue their various careers of choice while emphasizing the need to diversify interests, especially in order to benefit from the many opportunities available now through the advent of technology. She further mentioned that failure to land a career in any area of preference does not mean the end of the road as one could find many other profitable and fulfilling careers to pursue. She further admonished the students to cultivate a habit of prayer.

Using his own rough early life experiences as the pivot of his presentation, Mr. Frank Dagbui encouraged students to not be limited by unfavorable conditions in their respective families such as financial constraints, but to push to become the best version of themselves that they could be. He went on to encourage them to make career choices based on interest so that they would enjoy working in whichever field they choose to end up in.

Focusing on interest diversification and the need to build meaningful networks, while in school, Mr. Elikem Nutifafa Kuenyehia entreated the students to not solely focus on studying as there are other reasons for being in school, such as making strategic friends who could be helpful to them later on in their adult life. He also warned against choosing careers based on popular trends and dared them to be sure of their interests in order to not end up in a career where they would not be happy.

Bringing the event to a close, Dr. Ekwow Spio-Garbrah encouraged students to join the ABCDE mentorship club on campus in order to have regular access to resource persons who visit the campus often for ABCDE mentorship duties. Furthermore, he encouraged them to employ tact in dealing with parents who are not in support of certain career choices.

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