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At ABCDE we are always looking for corporate and business partners. ABCDE is in the unique position to help businesses leverage their charitable investment to support education at the secondary and tertiary levels. We believe corporations can use their core assets to generate shared value for business and society by helping to develop the professional skills of students, setting a strong learning agenda and scaling up what works in education to make learning relevant to the job-market.

Sponsor a Project or Programme
If you are interested in scaling up your corporate social investments in education to connect your core business and competen­cies to address discrete professional skills challenges at local or international levels, ABCDE is the perfect partner. Using core business activities allows a company to make its commitment to education part of its day-to-day operat­ing practices, which ensures sustainable, long-term engagement.

Serious investments tied to core business can generate social value and sustainable business value, leading to systemic change in the educational delivery that benefits industries, corporations, firms, commerce, companies and businesses themselves.

For instance, ABCDE can enter into a pro-bono agreement with your industry to use the latest advances in mobile technology to increase access to education and improve learning outcomes in rural areas where we operate. Such partnership through our Mobile Inquiry-based Learn­ing programme can use smart phones and tablets in and secondary and tertiary schools to build the local capacity to utilize mobile technology to increase critical thinking, literacy and an interest in the sciences. The devices will allow students and teachers to participate in educational workshops as each phone comes equipped with applications containing school curriculums covering various subjects—including reading, math, science, and english—and multiple grade levels.

With the intention of strengthening the 21st century skills of the students, the program can encourage group work, critical thinking and problem solving through dynamic teaching methods and a collaborative learning environment. Through such corporate social responsibility initiative, the partnership will ABCDE to share it’s pedagogical and evaluation expertise in areas important to the partner by using the company’s infrastructure to support the programs. This example demonstrates how partnering with ABCDE with technical expertise in educational evaluation can provide evidence about the impact of new technological innovations on learning.

Offer Paid Time Off to Volunteer
ABCDE encourages business owners and executives to offer their employees the benefit of paid time off to volunteer as mentors in schools where we operate in Africa.