Mission Statement: To assist the business community to deliver various services to the educational sector to improve youth employability across Africa.

African graduates seeking employment have in recent years been considered by many employers as not being adequately prepared for the world of work. Many are not sufficiently computer literate, and their basic comportment, world outlook, written and spoken English, numeracy, punctuality, attention to details, client responsiveness, productivity, time management, exposure to modern culture, and general attitude to work have been called into question by employers.

Vision Statement: To be a leading NGO in the formulation of policy for education on the African continent.

Core Values:    Equality and Equity, Wholeness and Inclusiveness, Collective action and solidarity, Integrity and Innovation.

Founded on 25th July 2012 by H.E. Dr Ekwow Spio-Garbrah, former Minister of Education and Minister of Trade and Industry of the Republic of Ghana. It is a Non-Governmental Organization which focuses on helping the business community to deliver various services to the educational sector. Over the past few years, ABCDE worked initially with a program of mentorship, internships and scholarships and is now broadening its engagements with the business sector.

Through the ABCDE's model, industrial leaders, entrepreneurs, company directors, chief executive officers and other professionals from various industries, firms, the field of commerce and the service sector serve as Mentors and works directly with students to introduce them to a broad range of work-readiness skills, e.g. negotiating skills, personal development skills, ICT skills, time management skills, decision-making skills, numeracy and literacy skills, positive work ethics, confidence, leadership interpersonal skills and teamwork etc.

Today, ABCDE is a thriving Pan-African body whose focus is to operate initially in four countries in Africa namely: Ghana, South Africa, Tanzania and Nigeria. By 2030, the organization hopes to have sent more than 100,000 well-qualified professionals back to at least 10,000 schools in countries where it operates to help impact the minds and lives of at least 1million students both in high schools and tertiary institutions.

Furthermore, ABCDE plans to identify and support some 5,000 ICT (Information and Communication Technology) centres in schools in Africa. It is estimated that the impact of ABCDE's interventions on the African continent and on eventual corporate productivity, public sector efficiency, the academic performance of students, corporate image visibility and rapid modernization of Africa, may be inestimable.

ABCDE aims to usher in a new way of tackling the challenges of the lack of employability skills within the job market. The organization has thus positioned itself as a pioneering Pan-African organization in providing the necessary inputs through mentorship and coaching, across schools in Africa to meet the skill demands made by modern day industries in today's world of work.

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