The ABCDE Student Mentorship Programme seeks to offer academic ad career guidance to students in order to enable them make informed choices bordering on the career and academic success. The mentorship programme has different levels of intensity of mentorship, ranging from simple one-hour interactions with large groups of students; through mentorships of medium-sized ABCDE Club members who are interested in specific careers, e.g. accounting, HR, banking, or ICT; to one-on-one mentorships of specific students who seek a father or mother-figure to assist them to succeed in their studies and careers on a longer-term basis. Basically, the ABCDE platform is designed to provide experienced professionals in different industries and business sectors opportunity to give back to their communities and society by "adopting" students in a non-legal manner, and mentoring them on their personal and career development, especially to assist them to become either more employable or to create their own jobs


While providing mentorship for students and young graduates, ABCDE also provides internship opportunities for them to gain practical knowledge before venturing into the real world of work. It is now no longer a secret that most HR practitioners see internship programs as an effective low-cost approach to identifying future long-term employees. It is also becoming clearer to social development experts that bridging the gap between educational systems and the world of work is best achieved with hands-on experience by young people in the world of work. Internship opportunities allow mentees to experience their desired jobs and to understand what obstacles they may need to overcome in order to become more employable and enable them to succeed in the workplace once employed.

The impact on students upon receiving internship opportunities are life-long. ABCDE over the past few years has placed a good number of students from pre-determined academic specializations in a range of industries. Through internship placements, ABCDE mentees placed in various institutions have had the opportunity to put into practice what they have been taught, and thereby making further strides in achieving their career goals.

Scholarship Management

As part of efforts to ensure that no Ghanaian youth is denied the right to education based on economic disadvantage, the ABCDE STEM Scholarship Fund was launched to support brilliant but needy students to study courses especially pertaining to Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. The fund was launched in September 2019 with a seed donation of USD2000 from a Ghanaian medical practitioner based in the United States of America by name, Dr Richard Darko. In line with this, ABCDE has been working on possible partnerships with the Ghanaian Corporate community to contribute to this fund in order that significant support can be given to as many Ghanaian students as possible.

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