International Day of Banks 2021

Coming off on the 06th Dec 2021

Theme: ABCDE International Financial Literacy Day 2021 Conference 

Date: 6th December 2021 

Venue: LBC Auditorium - UPSA Campus




The world has evolved and for this reason, it is very important to reflect on the state of our personal finances and an opportunity to improve those finances. The day is marked by efforts to help individuals and groups, identify their money weaknesses and turn them into strengths. 

According to the most recent statistics from the World Bank, Ghana’s poverty headcount ratio, the percentage of the population living below the national poverty line, has been gradually reducing from 24.2 per cent in 2012 to 22.3 per cent in 2016. With the advent of the COVID-19 virus, this gradual decline is under threat as COVID threatens to undo the efforts of the government, organisations and individuals. The Financial Literacy programme will contribute efforts to prevent an increase in Ghana's poverty headcount ratio by educating the public on ways to manage their financial resources in this COVID-19 era, as well as exploring and capitalising on alternative revenue sources. 

The concept is to promote, advocate for, and support financial literacy efforts across the country, especially in second cycle schools and amongst the youth. ABCDE as facilitators, and with the assistance of other organizations, will promote the literacy campaign through workshops, online and print content, and more. 

Scope of event 

This year, to mark the day ABCDE will be organizing a stakeholder conference where government, companies students and NGO’s will have the platform to discuss the investments are making to support education in Ghana as well as the challenges they are facing especially in this COVID-19 environments. 

We believe that by doing this, ABCDE will garner support for the various initiatives discussed. 

This will go a long way to better the lives of students in various schools and tertiary.  


Categories of dignitaries and participants to be invited for this event include; 

Government Agencies and officials 

UN Agencies and international organizations 

Private Sector Companies 

University Administrators, Headmasters, Professors, Teachers and Researchers  

The print, online and electronic media. 


Objectives and Beneficiaries:  

To educate people on the ability to understand and effectively use various financial skills, including personal financial management, budgeting, and investing.  

To understand that financial literacy is the foundation of your relationship with money, and it is a lifelong journey of learning 


Focus area 

What is the International Day Banks about? 

How have organizations supported the youth in financial literacy education especially during this COVID-19 environment and what have been the success and challenges? 


Role of ABCDE 

ABCDE would be responsible for participating in the coordination of the set of events. These would include consultations with schools, sourcing a venue, inviting guests, getting stakeholders and students to participate and making provisions for promotion, branding and publicity. The extent of publicity includes live streaming of events. 

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