VIVO Energy / ABCDE Breakfast Meeting

Coming off on the 18th Feb 2020

For any nation to realize its fullest potential for development, the critical role of education cannot be overlooked. In fact, a study of human capital in developed countries across the globe indicates very high rates of literacy. Therefore, various Ghanaian governments have since independence made significant efforts towards improving the quality of education in Ghana in order to not only boost rates of literacy but also to produce adequate human capital to satisfy the demands of the economy.

In spite of these noteworthy investments by governments across the globe, a lot more needs to be done to strengthen educational outcomes. For this reason, the United Nations through the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) has instituted International Day of Education slated for 24th January each year, to honour education and its centrality to human well-being and sustainable development. 

Current developments in the global economy indicate that more employers are increasingly embracing Science and technology in order to make the delivery of goods and services more efficient. According to UNESCO, 1 billion jobs across the globe are projected to be automated by the year 2030. Therefore, it is imperative that we encourage the study of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics to prepare students towards meeting the demands of a tech-driven economy in the next few years.

ABCDE however, believes that more effort should be channelled into encouraging girls particularly to pursue STEM courses considering that only 35% of STEM students in higher education globally are women, according to UNESCO.

Therefore considering that ABCDE is an organization dedicated to filling the many gaps in the educational sector, the organization has partnered Vivo Energy Ghana to organize a Breakfast meeting under the theme “The promise of E-learning to STEM education in Ghana with a special focus on Girls in STEM” This program is to encourage more private sector participation in education especially in the promotion of STEM education amongst girls. 


To discuss new methods and incentives to adopt in order to make the study of STEM related courses more attractive for girls

To create awareness of digital learning as a supplement to traditional methods

To discuss solutions to current defects that exist within the Ghanaian educational framework

Theme: The promise of E-learning to STEM education in Ghana
Date: 18th February 2020
Venue: British Council, Accra

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